Koala Wilderness Appreciation League of Australia


KWALA Plan to Save the Koala.

The Koala is unique, on the endangered list and if lost would be devastating.

Supporting our Australian natural heritage, ensuring endangered animals like koalas have a sustainable future. Should be something we can all be a part of. KWALA welcomes you to be part of our community that is making a difference.

The fires of 2019/20 sent our indigenous animals to the brink of extinction.

5.3 million hectares, 2.7 million of this national park, was destroyed in 2019-20. With an estimated 61,000 koalas and over 3 billion animals killed. The remaining animals have no food source or safe habitat. This is truly a catastrophic problem.

Our objective is to re-establish a true Australian natural environment. The koala is unique to Australia and on the endangered list. If we don't act now koalas will be gone forever.

KWALA's aims are to inform and unite the community to support these iconic animals  education and a simple act of funding the planned planting of trees. We can band together to plan for the long term survival of koalas


Two lifelong friends who want to make a difference, David and Craig have been involved with community based events and charities most of their lives.

Craig Allsep is the brains of the duo. An enthusiastic and passionate environmental scientist, who has worked on bush regeneration and native vegetation management programs for over twenty years, specifically in eastern Australian Koala habitats. Craig is the liaison with authorities and land owners. Designing Vegetation Management Plans  (VMP) to best apply how we replant in the areas of need.

David Bell is the community minded organizer and is the conduit between the projects and our community. David circulates the info, publishing the news and keeping everyone updated on the success of our planting projects.

Craig and David are both dedicated to making a success of these projects and encourage you, OUR community to be part of the journey.

When you buy a KWALA organic product, a percentage of the profits goes to help plant trees.

Our promise is to use profits from KWALA products to directly fund the planting of trees. KWALA can make this happen in a genuinely short amount of the time. Then once the edible native eucalyptus trees are established, koala populations can be re-introduced to their new habitats.  Ensuring the profits from our products are used efficiently, effectively and only to benefit the koala rehabilitation.

With your help, we can be more effective in re-establishing koala habitats. We will e able to report back to our supporters in a timely manner, with regular updates. (LINK TO PLANTING PAGE)



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