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Planting Project for KWALA


KWALA Organic's planting projects will be targeting three main areas. Byron Shire, Port Macquarie and Kangaroo Island. Three areas that have had their Koala populations decimated during the 2019-20 bush fires.

Environmental scientist, Craig Allsep has worked extensively with Byron Shire Council. Managing bush regeneration projects that have positively impacted on the Koala population. Craig brings his extensive knowledge, and liaise with local government, land owners and advise state government on Vegetation Management Programs. VMP). Specific to the local area that will find the best solution in the long run.

KWALA can get swift results.

Through social media and email campaigns Kwala will report back to our community with regular updates, in a timely manner. We have no need to add to the costs of bureaucratic paper shuffling and time restraints. Rather spending money directly on a plan of simply planting trees. Then once the edible eucalypts are established. We can then introduce koala populations to their new habitats. KWALA Organics can make this happen in a fraction of the time.

Project One.

Nattai National Forrest, Mittagong.

The Nattai koalas were forced south west into the residential areas of Mittagong. Many were displaced and or died, during the devastating 2019-20 Bush fires.  With loss of their habitat and food source diminished caused undue stress and lowering koala sustainability and future populations.

A local land owner has kindly donated 20 hectares (45 acres) of his own land to create a corridor to give the koalas a chance to re-engage with the Nattai National Park and build a new habitat. Both Craig and I have been to this farm, met with the land owner and council authorities, and all agree that the potential for new habitat is huge. We found that the area is perfect for planting more eucalyptus trees and connects with our plan of action. Our plan can be implemented within a couple of months.
Planting a tree will cost somewhere in the range of $4.25 to $8.50 per tree. We will have the VMP (Vegetation Management Plan) completed within 3 weeks, . This plan will be the basis for all works going forward.

I hope this gives you an overview of what Kwala will achieve, our focus is on koalas and their habitat. Planting the right trees in the right environment will aid re-introduction of the koala and will also have the kick on effect of bringing back a hugely diverse group of other indigenous flora and fauna species, where the bio-diverse balance will be again established for the long term sustainability of our wildlife, identity and heritage

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